Great advertising

Tras un largo día de estudio he encontrado muchos ejemplos de publicidad creativa que me gustaría compartir contigo. Aquí está la lista con algunos de mis anuncios favoritos de hoy:

After a long day of study I founded so many examples of creative advertising to share with you. Here it is, my list of some of my favorite adds for today:

First of all My favorite Chanel commercial ever: Chanel Nº 5 with Nicole Kidman. I just fell in love the first time I saw it!! It is just a fairy tale, isn´t it?

A German company made a great campaign, remaining us how short life is to have the wrong job, but well, their job is to find people´s job. The street marketing made here is just so surprising.

This Volkswagen add is also fun and intelligent

 CONVERSE at Barcelona´s metro, because shoes are boring

More fun adds, by Lego: Creativity forgives everything.. I hope it would be true!!

Last but not worse, this really funny Swedish commercial


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  1. Los de la compañía alemana me han sorprendido mucho, tiene que ser curioso verlos por la calle.
    Muchas gracias por tu comentario en mi blog, está claro que tenemos gustos parecidos en cuanto a alta costura :) Tienes un blog interesante y diferente, así que me quedo como seguidora. Un saludo!!