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Back on track

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I just felt The need of writting again. So I decided I will just simply rewrite on this blog instead of opening a new one for the third time. 

Let me explain myself:

I first created a blog when I was 19 because I was far away from home. I felt lonly and lost. I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, and most of all, I followed fashion bloggers every day, so I decided I would share awesome things about Fashion and my new life, and I also decided I would get millions of followers as any good fashion blogger did.

It last me like 3 months. I liked writting but as soon as I started other things I got over it. I never deleted that blog, but never been too proud of it. 

I finally found mu way. At that time I was in the States, studying Engineering and playing Tennis for a University team. Well, I went back home (Spain) and I started Advertising and Public Relations, which is something I am in love with right now.

At softmore year of this degree I felt the need of communicating again so I started a new brand blog  which I thought I could be proud of. This time I was not looking for followers, even not looking for success. I wrote it to myself as a way of expressing myself an sharing my thoughts to the vacumm space that  internet can be.

 Many things happened afterwords. I went to Singapore with an scholarship and also did an internship there. I also created a blog to write about my trips around Asia (my grandma loved it). I enjoyed writting on it, but of course it lasted as much as my trips (5 months) and I only wrote about like two of my trips (I got to the point when I was traveling that much I only had time to pack, unpack, do laundry and keep on going).

Now I am about to graduate. I am almost done and I dont feel like I found myself in all this time. I had quit a job (well, an internship), travel around a lot, and enjoy things a bit (what I expect I never stop doing).

But now is time to find myself. I know I will not do it just by writting here, but if it helps, here I am. It will help me for sure to practice my English. And anyway it will not hurt to express myself.

If you are reading right now, I sincerely hope you are not. But I also hope you at least found this entertaining. 

Not expecting any real feedback but the priviledge to share my thoughts,